Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Details

We figured out our bunk rail mounting system.  Some 4" L-brackets bent worked out well and really hold the rail in place, but allow it to be removed to raise the bunk to it's upper position.

We've started tidying up the exterior electric stuff.  The license plate light got a quick coat of aluminum paint.  It might get painted again later.

The side markers got cleaned and new bulbs.  They need a little more attention to get rewired, so didn't go back on this weekend.

We sealed up the cargo door and added some insulation.  It will not be used as a cargo door, so is just filling the hole in the skins.  We used window glazing to seal the door and a small chrome plug to fill the cam-lock hole.

Finally, we dug out our old panel molding.  This originally covered the seams in the internal 1/8" panels and is really not available to purchase anymore.  We sanded and stripped it, then added a couple coats of clear shellac to bring the grain back out.

It is much darker than our new birch paneling, so will not blend as well as it once did.  It does match the old ash cabinets though, so is more of an accent than a seam hider.

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  1. Just read the entire blog. Great job!

    I'm in the beginning of reassembly - 65 Aladdin.