Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tow Electrical

As we need to be roadworthy to register in one month, we started the trailer electrical wiring.  We made sure to add a ground wire to each fixture that wasn't there before.

Our Autolamp 575 lenses were trashed and even the replacements a friend gave us were too brittle to use.  We bought cheap 7" bus lights from as they are the only 7" option.  For our skin mounted fixtures, we tapped the bases flat, added a ground wire to the lug that was hidden inside and used putty tape to mount instead of the foam provided.  
 For the 7 way plug, we bought a 6 foot harness on amazon.  We mounted it to the tongue, wired it all up and....the right rear light was shorted to ground!
 After an hour of fussing with the lights, we finally unplugged everything, only to find the junction box we bought had a short inside!  We taped up the shorted wire, reconnected everything and then tested all the lamps with a small test battery before plugging into the tow vehicle and blowing a fuse.
 Success!  Just need tires and bearings and we are road worthy!

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