Sunday, August 28, 2016

Skin and Windows

Wife has been complaining about dust in her knitting parlor.  Time to button this thing up.

The windows were completely trashed by our silicone loving Previous Owner.

So we busted out our ghetto grinder.  We actually have a bench grinder, but this lets us spin slower so we don't damage the aluminum.

We used 1/16" butyl tape to reaffix the window glass.

And a double layer of butyl putty tape to install the window.

It's not exactly square, but we don't remember if it was in the first place.  At least it's probably water tight.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Skins and windows

We ran out of putty tape which we wanted to put under the roof bend, so after ratcheting down the roof, we test fit the panels we cleaned yesterday instead of finishing the roof.

They are a little lumpy and don't look great.  Not sure if we'll keep them aluminum or paint them white later.
We also started working on the windows.  The front and rear windows are fixed pane, with clips holding in the glass.  Under the clips, the putty used to seat the windows was totally desiccated and some critters had taken up residence.

There PO answer to failing window putty?... Silicone of course.

These windows are going to be a lot of work...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday afternoon odds and ends

​I split work a little early to try and polish some aluminum skins.  The plan is to try and finish up the roof and front/rear skins soon and get the windows installed.

At least now I know I will never own an Airstream.

Also turned a bunch of 2″ curtain rod hangers into 1″ curtain rod hangers at the wife’s request.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rebuilding the icebox

We had such a good day with the countertops yesterday, we decided to keep rolling with the interior and clean up the icebox.

The original was insulated with fiberglass and stuffed into a stained cardboard box.

The fiberglass retained all the smells of the old trailer and had to go.

We insulated the box with rigid foam insulation and waterproof tape.

In the old trailer, the icebox was in a very awkward location.  It was hard to reach, blocked the light from the front window and intruded into the dinette area.  So weird.

So we rebuilt the stove cabinet, removing some rotten drawers to make room for the icebox.  It doesn’t open the right direction, but is accessible from the seat.  We are probably going to use it for storage anyways.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Laminate Counters and Home Depot Executive Customer Support Doesn't Suck

After an email to Home Depot Executive Customer Service, Karsha was able to expedite the delivery, and the store manager himself brought the laminate to our house on Thursday.  

We got right to work, cutting a piece for the dinette table.  Unfortunately, the roll got away from us and started to rip.  Talk about piling on...

Luckily, there was still enough to do the counter and the dinette.  Unluckily, Wilsonart laminate is as sharp as glass when it tears.

The show must go one though, so we busted out the large can of contact cement.  We sprayed both the plywood and the laminate and waited until it was tacky.  
We then used some spacer sticks to keep the laminate from contacting the plywood while we positioned it, then removed the sticks and rolled out the bubbles with our trusty Betty Crocker special.

After securing the aluminum edge trim that Home Depot surprisingly didn't screw up, it all came out pretty nice.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Side skins and Home Depot sucks.

After 2 weeks, order cancelled, 1 week, order undelivered, dozens of calls, our counters are now 6-8 weeks delivery.  After an email to executive customer service, they promise delivery by Monday...a month after initial order...  Don't believe at Lowe's.

With no interior work for weeks, we finally bit the bullet.  Wife was out of town Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was side skin day.