Wednesday, June 11, 2014


When I was a kid, our family had an irreplaceable homestead cabin located deep in the Los Padres forest.  As boys, my brother and I had the most amazing, hiking, eating and enjoying a childhood few understand.

As we got older, we still spent time there, investing sweat equity in maintaining the place.  Our Step Father and his Dad realized the value of such a place and we rebuilt large portions of the cabin that hadn't been touched in decades.  We shored up the the bedroom that overlooked the creek, rebuilt the bathroom, dug out the septic tank, built a new bar cabinet outside and when I got a little older, I repainted the whole place myself.

Unfortunately, families often do not work as they do in books and movies, so my A$$hole uncle inherited the place that he had ignored for most of his life, and promptly sold it.  Our family heritage for decades up in smoke, a few greasy bucks in the hands of a person without the capacity to understand what he had.

Once I had kids, I realized the importance of experiencing the outdoors, so we started on a hunt for something that didn't exist anymore.  In the end, we decided at least a piece of history that we could use to explore the West was about as good as we were going to get, so we started trolling Craigslist.

I had seen this trailer sitting in a field on my walk to work every day for about 5 years.

Finally, one Sunday night...long after we usually decide to leave the house, it appeared on Craigslist.  We hopped in the car and by the end of the night, totally out of character for us, it was ours.

Luckily, it was less than 2 miles from home, so towing it home that week, with non-working electrical, rotted tires and lots of hidden wood rot was not an issue.