Friday, November 23, 2018


Recently decided the old gal needed a little touch up and wanted to buy some decals. Now, being about as cheap as they come, I wasn't going to pay $50 for a vinyl decal, so I picked some some sheets of 12"x12" permanent adhesive vinyl from Michael's. ($2 a sheet). 

I printed a logo found online and went to work with my exacto. 

Used some cling film to transfer. 

It's not amazing but passes the 50 yard and a squint test. I will do another for the front then use what's leftover to tweak the first prototype.

Edit:  Front went faster but went on sloppier.  Still good enough for a buck. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Small Details

We didn't want to replace the gross sliders under the dinette seats, so we just added some Union Jack patterned grating from Home Depot to finish off the openings.

We also installed a few 12V accessories behind the dinette cushions.  There is another charger near the rear bed.

Finally, we actually reserved an evening at a nearby campsite for our maiden voyage next weekend.  The next few days will be dusting off the crusty camping gear.  Luckily Coleman stuff runs forever...a little oil soak for the old leather pump gaskets and all of this stuff fired up the first time after 10 years of sitting.

Paint Wrap Up

To finish our DIY paint job, we added a black stripe to match the truck.  We asked a lot of folks and most liked our "swoop" paint mockup, but Mama always has the final decision and she's a linear gal, so this is what we ended up with

Most folks don't paint their doors, but we thought it added a nice finished look.

2 weeks later, we added a second coat.  Unfortunately, when we removed the carport cover to look for thin coverage areas, we ended up with a bunch of ash from the Whittier Fire embedded in the paint.  Beats the bugs embedded last coat and it all wipes off pretty well with a cloth.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

More paint and prep

 Brush painted the tank we forgot to spray.  Lots of brush strokes but the brushed paint is shinier than sprayed.

Cleared the tongue for some black paint on stripe painting day.

Kids and chug getting excited about camping

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Murphy Auto Museum Vintage Trailer Show

Even though we don't plan to take our trailer to a rally, it's still fun to go to shows and see all the other trailers.  Murphy Auto Museum does this once a year, this is the 5th annual.  We enjoy both seeing the museum quality rebuilds along with the surprising number of lipsticked pigs that I wouldn't want to follow down a bumpy road.