Sunday, January 15, 2017

Finishing the faucet

Our first lazy attempt at fixing the original metal pump faucet seemed fine until we installed it, then it was leak city so we had to do it right.  First task was to replace the old cork gasket with some rubber gasket material.

After replacing the o-rings in the handle and putting it all back together, it worked like a champ!
We also reinstalled the original shortie towel rack

Securing the propane tank

If you've been following along at home, you might have noticed a common theme with our camper build....Cheapness!  When it was time to secure our propane tanks, it was no different.

Originally, our tank was held in place with a wing nut and a prayer.
Many recommend j-hook style tank retainers, but they are pretty expensive online and not available nearby.  I also didn't think they would fit our weird tank mount well.

Last weekend, while working on the screen door, adding a doggy door for our precocious pup when I realized the turnbuckle style door support might work.

So the girls and I went off to Ace and picked one up for $7.  You can save a few bucks on Amazon, but I wanted to try it out.

It took less than an hour to drill a couple holes and bend the rod by hand and we had something that looked halfway decent.  I put a little shrink tubing on the end and voila!

The first hook went on great with the wing nuts I also bought.  As I tried to get the nut on the second hook, I realized yet again that I am not a smart man.  For the turnbuckle to work, one side is reverse threaded...doh!  Luckily a lifetime of being a slightly dumb guy had made me resourceful, so I cut the turnbuckle in half, which actually works out well as you get a lot of thread engagement and it's easier to reach from underneath.

Yay...I made this!