Sunday, September 13, 2015

Uh Oh, Part 2

Turns out, it was probably a good thing we decided to do a "frame up" rebuild.  After loosening and shifting the floor, we found that the main front crossmember was rusted through and broken loose.  This thing could have been an major highway tragedy.

You can really see how the cheap floor construction coupled with the lack of metal frame and complete wall sill board rot made the rear floor area break loose.

The floor in the front didn't look so hot either

Monday, September 7, 2015

"All In"

After a few weeks of stalling, we finally realized our hopes of keeping the whole camper together were just not going to happen.  The sill boards were too damaged, the floor too funky and we didn't even really like the heavy grained ash paneling.  Besides, due to the ash borer beetle, you really can't get ash plywood anymore, so any repairs we made would not match.  We were "all in".

Bye bye curb side wall
Bye bye street side wall

Enjoy your new home for a while.

Sad little trailer floor

Last ditch effort

For some reason, we still thought we could just lift the body on stilts, roll out the trailer part and fix the floor.  With this in mind, we removed most of the interior cabinetry that secures the walls the floor.

With most of the cabinets removed, we added some cross bracing to hold up the walls.