Sunday, April 17, 2016

The final cabinet

After a frantic 3 day weekend, our trailer turned out pretty sturdy.  It weathered multiple windstorms and even a late season rain shower.  Consequently, our sense of urgency waned...Last weekend was a total weekend is fully booked.  This Sunday, we did manage to get a little bit done, rebuilding the final cabinet that goes above the dinette.  This cabinet was in the worst shape as the vent leak drained straight across and totally rotted out the bottom and the right side.

On top of that, it had a big hole for an ugly light fixture that we didn't intend to reuse and was the longest cabinet at 80 inches, meaning our stock of recycled ash panels would be stretched to the limits.

We tried cutting off the bad parts (see line in picture #1), but it ended up too short, so we started the rebuild process using as much of the old framing as we could.  We'll probably make a cabinet with two doors and some LED pucks to light the dinette.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trailer Raising: Day 3

 Our goal this weekend was to get a pile of parts put together into a trailer that could withstand the gusty winds we've been having.  We spent the morning running errands, but still managed to get enough assembled to make the trailer pretty sturdy.  We started with the back curve wall, muscling the paneling into submission, after 2 unsuccessful tries we ended up adding some additional framing at the top to help hold the curve.
After the ordeal of the rear curve, we got a little smarter and used a ratchet strap to pull the front curve into shape.  We made a bit of a mistake here starting at the bottom of the panel, so when we got to the top, there was a tiny overlap.  We wrestled that flat and used the front overhead cabinet to pull the ceiling down flat.

 While securing all the the cabinets to the floor and walls for structure, we took a little time to mount the old table for the kids to use at snack time.  Our plan is to replace the laminate and cushions with something a little nicer once the trailer is more together.
The rear curve actually came out pretty nice.  It has a little bulge, but that only makes our tiny trailer seem that much bigger.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trailer Raising: Day 2

On day 2, the trailer kit we've spent months building actually seemed to go together pretty well.  The curb side floor was not very flat, so we attached the wall in the middle and used shims against our clamped wall holding boards to flatten the floor out.  The secret to these trailers is the the metal frame is actually pretty's the unibody camper box that actually holds it all together.

The street side wall was actually pretty easy...just lift, hold and screw every 6 inches with 2.5" deck screws into the plywood, fir joists and the cleats.

 Since the walls don't stay upright without some help, we quickly installed as many of the ceiling panels as we had time to do.

Day 2, and it's starting to look like a camper again.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Trailer Raising: Day 1

We took Friday off to get ready for our big trailer raising extravaganza.  The first day, we set all the cabinets in place, screwed them together and stapled the welting to all of the cabinet edges.

 To make installing the walls easier, we clamped some 2x3 boards to the edges to rest the walls on.
Since we were a little worried about the thin, 1-1//2" floor, we added some cleats inside the cabinets to give us additional thickness to screw the walls into.