Sunday, October 9, 2016


We're not using exterior water or waste connections, so we need to plug all the holes in the skin.  We first covered the front and back of the skin with waterproof tape.

 Then we got some cheap aluminum eave vents from the Big Box.  
 They needed a little trim

Not the best, but it covers up the holes.  We need to get a 2 inch one for the last hole to get it to line up with the holes in the skin.

We also built a bunk rail out of oak as it's a good match to the ash our trailer was made from.  Our bracket concept burned in the flames of our lack of metalworking skills, so we're just holding this in place for a photo op.

 Finally, we worked a bit on retrofitting our original vent with a Vortex fan.  We still need to wire it up permanently, but our test run with a bench supply showed it pulled a good amount of air.

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