Saturday, August 31, 2019

Cheapskate temporary AC solution.

We usually don't use electrical hookups when camping, but will soon attend a trailer rally in the heat of summer that has hookups included, so we thought we would take advantage.

We didn't want to modify the trailer and already had a small window unit, so we bought this heater register box that fit perfectly over the AC outlet.

We bent out the edges into a flange and attached it with velcro tape so we could still use it as a window unit. 

We then attached a 6 inch dryer vent

 And connected it to the upper bunk window using a piece of birch and binder clip. 

 Final result is ghettotastic

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Chuck Box

Got a new table saw and needed a project.  Was inspired by many examples I saw online but did not like how most required the stove to be moved to the top after opening, so tried a version where the top opens to reveal the stove and becomes side tables. 

Had a slight brain fart about the hinges so will need to add some small shims to the underside of the leaves to make the tables level, but am pretty happy with my $20 in cheap plywood. 

Chuck Box 2.0 is already knocking around in my head, better wood, better finishes, fixed top hinge design.

Space planning - Goal was, stove in top and lamps in box.

Cut List...Sorta
Coming together, but discovered a hinge "miscalculation" on the top


Pretty much exactly what I wanted.  Needed more than one can of shellac but only had one can.
Closed configuration.  The stand doesn't go all the way down because of the top hinges, but overall pretty happy.