Sunday, July 31, 2016

Odds and ends and Home Depot still sucks

Some more small tasks while waiting for our laminate.

We shimmed the street side window.  It was originally 1/2" larger on one side, so the window screws didn't seat in wood.

Had to adjust the interior trim to fit also.

On the topic of shims, we added 1/4" to the bottom of our 5/8" table so we can use the metal edging we bought.

Finally, the insulation made the roof skin a little tight, so we clamped a straight edge and used a router to cut 1/4" off the top of the front and rear window openings.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Odds and Ends and Home Depot Sucks

Another weekend, another collection of piddly tasks...this time courtesy of Home Depot screwing up our laminate order, then not telling us it was cancelled by Wilsonart until the day we were supposed to pick it up.  At least the store manager agreed to give us the laminate for the original wrong $60 price instead of the $120 it should have been.

Anyways...our neighbor gave us some old 1/4" AC plywood, so we used it to make some shelves in the closet.

We also spent some time leveling out the crooked kitchen cabinets so the counter is more flat.

We also got our Rocket pump faucet working and polished up and cut a hole for it in the counter.  Brasso is amazing for polishing all sorts of things, even chromed plastic.

Frustrating's a California Chug eating some kale.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Odd and Ends Again

While waiting for our counter and table laminate to arrive, we....

Routed the tow wiring to the rear, then up to where the lights will mount. When we fit the final skins we will know the actual location.  We also routed extra ground wires, just because skin and frame grounding can be tempermental.

This floppy bit has been invaluable for drilling sideways through framing members

Patched a chip in the sink.  We tried to find a replacement, but there is nothing within our budget to be found.  A little sanding and it should be fine.

We also tried a trick to flatten our new plywood table and countertops by wetting the concave side and weighting it.

Finally, the trailer has not quite become the man cave I had hoped...more like the yarn and pug hole.

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July

Spent the morning at the beach, but still managed to get the new counter and table plywood cut.  The front of the trailer isn't as square as the plywood, but a few screws and a little gimp and everything will look fine.  Need to get the laminate and perhaps a new sink before the interior is finished enough to button up the outside.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

3rd of July

Got the bunk totally finished.  This includes the patched area where the dopey Previous Owner cut a hole for his TV tray table.

Bunk got installed.  Yay, more space for trailer parts!

Next up, the kitchen counter.  Originally it did not extend all the way across the front, as the icebox was on the upper left.  It also had a hole on the right side, we assume for a gravity feed water tank that was not part of this trailer's options.

We framed in the counter supports today.  Tomorrow, if there is time, we will cut the new counter from 5/8" plywood, to be covered in laminate.

We did find at least one member of the family who likes gimp.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2nd of July

Before stapling the skins, we decided to do a little more work inside this weekend.  That way, if we find a framing problem, we can always peel up the skins and fix the issue easily.

First project, the rear bunk.  We had to patch some dopey Previous Owner cuts, then fill in some water damaged ash with putty.  Finally, 2 coats of amber shellac and 3 clear and tomorrow we will reinstall.