Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Windows Windows Windows.

We made some good progress on the dinette and rear bed windows.  These were all in good shape, so just needed some polish, a little oiling and a touch of OSI gutter seal in areas where the glazing seemed a touch dry.  We will leave them installed for a week, then retorque the screws and trim the excess butyl rubber tape with a plastic putty knife on a cold morning when it's more workable.

The windows were looking so good, we took some time to drive out of town to Joanne Crafts and Walmart for some curtain and cushion fabric.  With coupons, the outdoor fabric for the dinette seat was only about $10/yard and the curtain fabric $4/yard

The wife made quick work of getting all the curtains sewed up and installed. 

A couple windows really start to make it look like a working camper

Unfortunately, the remaining windows are all broken in some way.  The kitchen jalousie has a broken crank rack

The door has ugly plastic paneling that we'd like to replace with wood.  

The door frame welds are also broken in one corner.  Unsure how to fix...either an l-bracket on the outside, or maybe just rely on the putty tape to keep it sealed once installed.

The small bunk window is in the worst shape of all of them.  It was leaking a lot, so it has generations of bad Previous Owner fixes, 2 types of putty tape, silicone everywhere, 3 types of window glazing, 2 types of privacy glass, broken latch and broken slider feet.

If it wasn't a unique size, we'd probably just replace it altogether.  As it is, it's probably a full weekend of disassembly, cleaning, repair and replacement.

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