Monday, September 12, 2016

Windows and Doors

We ordered a replacement crank from a gentleman who goes by the handle "trailertrasher" and parts out old trailers in the California Desert.

Unfortunately, the new crank was backwards and the knurl for the handle was too big to fit in the window rails.  We decided to use the rack from the new mechanism to replace the one in the old gear assembly.  To do this, we filed off the stop on the end of the rack and cranked it into the old's a little loose, but it will work for this window for now.

The finished window and the valance we made to cover up the clear panes on the top.  We wanted to replace all of the privacy glass with clear, but did not want to spend the $30 at this time, as it can be done at any point in the future.

Next we started playing with the door.  The door itself seems to have some internal rot, has ugly metal on the interior and is difficult to get apart, so we just removed the door frame and installed it.

 We wanted to get the sill in place as kids are damaging the small bit of skin at the bottom of the door, getting in and out of their playhouse.

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