Sunday, September 25, 2016

Getting closer

We spent Saturday at the Buellton Trailer Rally.  It was awesome, though always daunting to see so many perfect restorations.  Luckily there is an equal number of terrible, broken, saggy trailers that make you worry about your own trip home, so we end up feeling OK.

Unfortunately, Sunday ended up being above 90 degrees here, so the warped skin we recently noticed was even worse than usual. 

Hot weather is perfect for installing skin, so we pulled the staples and smoothed it out.

Not the best, but much better.  Many campers have screws in the field of the skin, so we might add a few here and there if it gets bad again.

We also fixed our bad front window install.  For our first window, we applied the putty to the skin, not the window, so it was harder to located the old screw holes.  Luckily, the extra screw holes on the bottom are mostly covered, so a little gutter seal should keep it water tight.

Mama was the star of the day though...nailing the cushions on the first try.  A little nudging here and there might make them perfect, but nothing is perfect on this camper, so they are, in fact, perfect.
Before and After and Chug.

Finally, started the "buttoning up" process, but stapling over the roof skin.  We tried to make it a little more watertight by putting some butyl caulking under the fold, but that just ended up a big mess when pounded into place.

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