Sunday, May 1, 2016

Uh Oh Part 8, and getting back to the build

The old girl has been tarped up for several weeks, barricaded against the light rain, high winds and the busy schedules of a family including two little girls.  This weekend, we had a break in both the weather and our schedule, so we unwrapped the tarps only to find that one of the ceiling panels had gotten cooked...the shellac was popped and delaminating and looked terrible.

Luckily this panel gets a cabinet and a vent, so less will show.  We'll have to sand and reshellac this panel later after we get the rest of the trailer back together.  After this little setback, we moved on, installing the last two panels in the lower rear and front.  Both were hidden behind cabinets, so we used the panel that looked the worst.

Finally, we got back to the last cabinet above the dinette.  Originally it had one large opening with ugly sliders, but it was so rotten, we rebuilt the whole thing using recycled ash panels.  For this version, we added two openings and will later build doors from birch.

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