Sunday, April 17, 2016

The final cabinet

After a frantic 3 day weekend, our trailer turned out pretty sturdy.  It weathered multiple windstorms and even a late season rain shower.  Consequently, our sense of urgency waned...Last weekend was a total weekend is fully booked.  This Sunday, we did manage to get a little bit done, rebuilding the final cabinet that goes above the dinette.  This cabinet was in the worst shape as the vent leak drained straight across and totally rotted out the bottom and the right side.

On top of that, it had a big hole for an ugly light fixture that we didn't intend to reuse and was the longest cabinet at 80 inches, meaning our stock of recycled ash panels would be stretched to the limits.

We tried cutting off the bad parts (see line in picture #1), but it ended up too short, so we started the rebuild process using as much of the old framing as we could.  We'll probably make a cabinet with two doors and some LED pucks to light the dinette.

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