Sunday, November 27, 2016

Upper Cabinet Doors

Now that the trailer was towable and theoretically watertight and usable, it's time to revisit all the little details that got left behind.

When we bought the trailer, it had gross sliding doors on the upper cabinets.  To make matters worse, the PO had put yucky contact paper over the gold glitter patterned formica.  It didn't really matter since we ditched the glitter countertops, but it's just not something we would have done.

To replicate the construction of the other original doors, we ripped down 1x2 into 1/2x2.  We then cut a 3/8x1/4" rabbet into the edge using our cheap table saw (note to anyone, please never buy Ryobi anything...).  This will allow the door to overlap the cabinet front and recess into the opening.

We then cut the front panels from leftover 1/8" birch paneling and glued the frame on.  I knew we kept that weight set around for something.

The completed subassembly.  We used the table saw and a chisel to rabbet the remaining end boards.  A router table is definitely on the want list (just not Ryobi).  After this photo, we cut more panels to glue to the interior as was done originally.  this is not necessary but adds a little strength and gives a finished appearance.

Back to shellac.

Here you can see a bit of the rear panel with the door installed.  We used 3/8" offset hinges which is why the original rabbet was 3/8"x1/4".  When you account for the 1/8" interior panel, the hinges fit perfectly.  We also used double roller catches on the lower portion of the door to keep them closed and we reused the original slider knobs, painted with black hammered Rustoleum.

The doors installed.  Even Maggie is happy to see those old sliders gone and the holes covered up.

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