Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our first outing

One small benefit of living in Taxifornia is the Permanent Trailer Identification.  Basically $10 registration for 5 years.  To get verified you must be less than 16 feet with no bathroom.

Our DMV appointment got us to the first window right away.  This was followed by standing in the verification parking spot with a clipboard like idiots (as instructed),

2 trips to measure (with our tape measure because they didn't have one), 2 counters, 2 people and a half an hour clicking around the computer system, a call to tech support, multiple forms, declarations, appeals and $40 (credit cards not accepted), we got the PTI sticker.
When the computer said they no longer issue stickers, I jokingly asked if she had some in the back of her drawer.  After 2 hours of paperwork, she opens the drawer and finds a sticker, lol.

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