Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rebuilding the icebox

We had such a good day with the countertops yesterday, we decided to keep rolling with the interior and clean up the icebox.

The original was insulated with fiberglass and stuffed into a stained cardboard box.

The fiberglass retained all the smells of the old trailer and had to go.

We insulated the box with rigid foam insulation and waterproof tape.

In the old trailer, the icebox was in a very awkward location.  It was hard to reach, blocked the light from the front window and intruded into the dinette area.  So weird.

So we rebuilt the stove cabinet, removing some rotten drawers to make room for the icebox.  It doesn’t open the right direction, but is accessible from the seat.  We are probably going to use it for storage anyways.

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