Saturday, August 13, 2016

Laminate Counters and Home Depot Executive Customer Support Doesn't Suck

After an email to Home Depot Executive Customer Service, Karsha was able to expedite the delivery, and the store manager himself brought the laminate to our house on Thursday.  

We got right to work, cutting a piece for the dinette table.  Unfortunately, the roll got away from us and started to rip.  Talk about piling on...

Luckily, there was still enough to do the counter and the dinette.  Unluckily, Wilsonart laminate is as sharp as glass when it tears.

The show must go one though, so we busted out the large can of contact cement.  We sprayed both the plywood and the laminate and waited until it was tacky.  
We then used some spacer sticks to keep the laminate from contacting the plywood while we positioned it, then removed the sticks and rolled out the bubbles with our trusty Betty Crocker special.

After securing the aluminum edge trim that Home Depot surprisingly didn't screw up, it all came out pretty nice.  

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