Sunday, July 17, 2016

Odd and Ends Again

While waiting for our counter and table laminate to arrive, we....

Routed the tow wiring to the rear, then up to where the lights will mount. When we fit the final skins we will know the actual location.  We also routed extra ground wires, just because skin and frame grounding can be tempermental.

This floppy bit has been invaluable for drilling sideways through framing members

Patched a chip in the sink.  We tried to find a replacement, but there is nothing within our budget to be found.  A little sanding and it should be fine.

We also tried a trick to flatten our new plywood table and countertops by wetting the concave side and weighting it.

Finally, the trailer has not quite become the man cave I had hoped...more like the yarn and pug hole.

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