Sunday, July 24, 2016

Odds and Ends and Home Depot Sucks

Another weekend, another collection of piddly tasks...this time courtesy of Home Depot screwing up our laminate order, then not telling us it was cancelled by Wilsonart until the day we were supposed to pick it up.  At least the store manager agreed to give us the laminate for the original wrong $60 price instead of the $120 it should have been.

Anyways...our neighbor gave us some old 1/4" AC plywood, so we used it to make some shelves in the closet.

We also spent some time leveling out the crooked kitchen cabinets so the counter is more flat.

We also got our Rocket pump faucet working and polished up and cut a hole for it in the counter.  Brasso is amazing for polishing all sorts of things, even chromed plastic.

Frustrating's a California Chug eating some kale.

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