Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shellacking the ceiling, Part 2

Last week, we glued up two of the ceiling panels.  This week, we all had the flu and in a moment of fevered boredom, I shellacked one of the panels so badly, I had to sand it down this weekend.  Unfortunately, the sanding did not go well, the panel no longer takes shellac evenly and I'm planning on hiding this panel behind the kitchen cabinets.  What a bummer as it was out best sheet.

Once the week went on and the fevers passed, we cut down the rest of the ceiling panels and gave them 3 coats of amber.

Unfortunately, this lot of wood is much redder and darker than those we used on the walls.  This trailer is going to be a patchwork of wood tones and grains, but our house is a little like that too, so maybe it's just us.

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