Sunday, March 27, 2016

Getting ready for a trailer raising

Our wedding anniversary is April 1, so we thought we'd try and turn a 3 day weekend into an old fashioned trailer raising.

To get our trailer kit ready, we finished gluing up all the framing to the wall panels.

We then built up the framing for the windows and the vent.

Usually, you'd replace these parts as you go or build them up on the wall panels, but our templates were in such poor shape, we were worried about the holes in the skins fitting properly, so we'll attach this framing once we test fit the roof skin again.

Finally, we installed some welting on the wall panels.  This hides the joint between the walls and ceiling and also prevents wood on wood squeaking.  It's not our favorite look, but it's a hallmark of a properly done restoration. so we're using welting that matches the birch as closely as possible.

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