Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Cabinets

Continued the cabinet crusade.  Rebuilt the front overhead bottom which was water damaged and also had holes from removing the corner/icebox cabinets.  We didn't have any old ash plywood long enough because the ceiling edges were all rotten so we pieced together two pieces which will be covered with the same trim that hides the other plywood seams with a 12V LED fixture in between.  The finishes are a bit different, but after we scrape, sand and re-shellac, it should all match.

We also rebuilt the street side bunk support.  This cabinet was rotten and the top plywood was broken from people sitting and standing on it.  This was the first cabinet of the bunch that actually ended up flat and square, so either we're getting better, or luckier. The rear is hidden by the goucho couch which slides forward to become a bed.

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