Sunday, January 31, 2016

Uh Oh, Part 6

Trailer:0  El Nino:1

We had a pretty nice little rainshower today, followed by mudslides, 60MPH winds and general chaos.  It turns out, Chinese made Costco carports and violent winds do not get along, so we will likely be putting the trailer project on hold until Spring.

After the winds shredded the front carport panel, tossed the frame around like a toy and nearly ended up the neighbor's yard, we took it all down and tarped up the tiled floor.
And our garage is back to unusable chaos.  We might still be able to work on the cabinets, but it's highly unlikely that we would be able to put up the large, sail-like walls with the potential for winds like this.

We often worry about earthquakes, living in an unreinforced cinder block house in California...but on days like this, we are thankful the big bad wolf can't get to us.

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