Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Ice Box...also cleaning out the garage

The carport was holding up pretty well from the wind and rain, so we emptied out the garage and started placing furniture.  The far bench was originally just a fragile frame so we beefed it up and attached the back to make it free standing for now.

Our trailer originally came with a front kitchen, including the icebox on the counter.  This bumped out area and hard to reach door always bugged us and the cabinet on the right was actually empty (we think it was a gravity fed water tank option as there is a hole in the wall for a fill inlet).

In a vintage trailer, an icebox has an upper tray for a block of ice, which chills the whole insulated box, and keeps the contents cool.  The melted water drains through a hose, through the floor onto the ground.  We're not sure we'll use it for more than storage, but it's a cool aqua color and it would be a shame to get rid of it.

On the Field and Stream Facebook site, we found this example where the icebox was removed and the counters were opened up to let more light in, which is what we planned to do.

We finally decided to place the icebox below the stove.  It doesn't open the right direction, but it was the best place.  Since the cabinet had some water damage from the leaking vent, this meant we also got to take a stab at building a new cabinet from scratch.

As a final note, here's the original fridge magnet from our icebox.  Glamping isn't a new concept... 

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