Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Skins

We started to fit the skins this weekend.  Of course, this just revealed all the thing we forgot, so we installed a few new framing members for holes and reflectors to attach.  We also needed to finish up the roof insulation.  Originally, we used foil bubble wrap insulation for the curves.

The bubble wrap seems easier, but it's expensive and not that much easier to use, so in the rear, we just kerfed the back of the remaining foam insulation and it just curved right over.

Tired of tripping over the mess in the garage, we needed to get these skins on.

Both sides actually went on pretty well.  There is a little overhang on the top that can be trimmed or bent over.

After fitting the upper sides, we put the roof back on.  Before rolling it out, we added some waterproofing tape to the back of any holes, dings, seams or cracks.  This will help back up any roof sealer we might have to selectively add before painting.  The roof ended up about 1/4" short after the insulation was fully installed.  Hopefully we can ratchet strap, tug or trim this back down into the right spot.

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