Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rebuilding the floor

After many missteps, trying to replicate a thicker joist type Shasta floor, and even buying some bargain basement Chinese plywood that could literally be ripped apart with your bare hands.

A fellow trailer rebuilder from an online forum finally talked some sense into us.  With his guidance, we decided to just "build it like we found it", using thicker 3/4" exterior grade plywood and 3/4" clear fir "joists" as spacers to make the floor the same thickness as before.  First we laid out the joists and coated them with asphalt emulsion sealer to protect the floor from the elements.

Then we secured the plywood with 1-1/4" deck screws and countersunk carriage bolts to the metal frame.  Each panel was coated with asphalt emulsion for waterproofing.

Finally, we reinstalled the wheel wells using 1/8" putty tape and hex head sheet metal screws from underneath.

Finally, after filling all the holes with wood putty, the chief helper manned the paint roller to add a protective coat of primer until we can install the final flooring material

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