Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flooring Finished

Vinyl glue is nasty, sticky stuff...

....But installing vinyl tiles is much easier than porcelain.  They easily score and snap with a utility knife, even for complex inside corners.  The wife and I went around and around about the pattern orientation, and ended up with her preference for all tiles oriented in the same direction to add some width to the narrow axis.

A flooring roller is $40 for a one use tool, so we went full Betty Crocker on this installation. 

As usual, the helpers were on hand to make sure every seam and corner were pressed into place.  It's a little concerning that we did this on a day that was barely above the required 65 degree install temperature, but Mama wants to go camping, so the trailer show must go on.

Now comes the hard part...we need to fully rain and wind proof the carport before we can even contemplate putting up the walls.  Our driveway is going to look like Ringling Brothers pretty soon with all the tarps and guy-wires, but El Nino is coming..., 

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